Why did Charles Olmstead surrneder to the Union and how did it effect the Civil War and Fort Pulaski?

Fort Pulaski was a major fort in Savannah, Georgia where Col. Charles Olmstead was located at the time. He was a Confederate Commander in the Army. He had to make difficult decisions to make during that time. Even though it was very difficult and dangerous he kept his place until the Union Army came and swept it all away. The battle would change the Civil War forever.

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On Febuary 19,1862 Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Sherman ordered Captain Quincy A. Gillmore to start the abombment on Fort Pulaski to capture it after Col. Charles Olmstead refused to surrender the fort.
Charles Olmstead knew he had to do something or have the fort captured by the Union.

The Union Army began to place artillary on the southeast scarp of the fort. The shells began damaging the shielding of magazine on the northwest side. Soon after he realized that if the magazine would be destroyed then the fort would be seriously damaged and the garrison would suffer from that. Charles Olmstead surrendered after 2:00 on April, 11. But that was the only reason why he had to surrender. After the battle at Fort Pulaski it lead to several other battles that caused the North to win and the South to lose the Civil War and caused Lee to surrender to Grant.
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Imagine what it was like to make desisions that might change other peoples lives or theirs. But battle is something we can't hardly imagine. There is an uncountable number of people who died at the battle of Fort Pulaski, including Charles Olmstead. But Charles Olmstead was a prisoner with his 360 men in Union Army and 47 guns.
If Charles Olmstead didn't surrender when he did then there might have been a difference in the world. The Civil War finally ended in 1865. The battle of Fort Pulaski had a major effect on the war and had an important role and so did Charles Olmstead. When people think about it was a good idea to surrender rather than have the fort damaged even more than it already was. Charles Olmstead was an amazing commander in commanding his army and doing what he had to do to keep the fort stable. Charles Olmstead made an unusual, but smart desicion because the fort could have been destroyed and not an historic site as it is today. So when people think about Charles Olmstead think about what he did and how it effected the war and the fort.