Dr. Seuss for his masterful manipulation of the English language and creation of art to sell products, editorialize about political issues, and entertain young children!

You will write as though you are…
writing something to be read/heard by…
The writing will take the form of…
and will be about…
an FBI agent
viewers of America’s Most Wanted
a Wanted PSA script
1. Dr. Seuss’ life
2. A Dr. Seuss advertising or political cartoon
3. Dr. Seuss’s writing style
Your purpose is to…
Inspire your audience to hunt down and read Dr. Seuss’s books again and look for the hidden messages.

Wanted PSA using PhotoStory

Must include at least:
1. Title picture
2. 3 pictures with a timeline narration of at least 3 turning points in Dr. Seuss’s life
3. 1 cartoon with analytical description of one of his advertising or political cartoons
4. 2-3 Dr. Seuss book covers with narration of underlying theme and description of Dr. Seuss’s style
5. 1 picture representing the theme of an original poem you write in Seuss style (at least 6 lines of poetry)
6. Reference slide with sources used for information and pictures

Use these links for your research (click on the GREEN links)
Keep track of your sources!

Sample PhotoStory on Sacajawea