On April 12th 1861 at 4:30 A:M, a Confedrate rocket was rose high the above the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina and exploded. Many other rockets followed the first rocket. After the rockets the Confedrate soldiers who fired the rockets released gunfire on Fort Sumter (a union fort ). After 34 hours of fighting Union Major Robert Anderson surrendered fort Sumter to Confredrate general Pierce G.T. de Beauregard. The union flag was dropped and a confredrate flag was raised.
A cofederate raised over the fort
A cofederate raised over the fort

This was the battle of Fort Sumter and the first battle of the Civil War. You are probably wondering why these two armies are fighting. This webpage will explain to you why these two armies were fighting and why it is consindered the first battle of the civil war.
The reason this battle happened had been building up for years between the north and south of the United States of America. The North was very industiral and did not rely heavily on arigculture because of the cold weather. The South on the other hand depended on heavily on argiculture and did not rely on industary. Another reason is that the south allowed slavery and north didn't allow slavery. The defnition of slavery is the pratice of owning a slave or the condition of being subjected to hard and cruel treatment. Slaves were black people who had been captured in Africa and sent to American to be sold for money. Slaves when bought were taken by their masters away from their family and forced to work in the field and subject to cruel treatment. Slaves were treated as property and like property they could be sold, bought, and inheirted. One reason the south owned massive amounts of slaves was the growing need for cotton, but before the invention of the cotton gin slaves in the south were not in massive numbers but when cotton gin was invented the need for cotton and the price skyrocketed.
Another factor that caused the battle of Fort Sumter is the election of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham was the candiate for the replulbic party. The Democrative party was split over the subject of slavery and proposed two candiates, one for slavery and the other was not for slavery. The split democractive party insured the that Abraham Lincoln would be elected. Lincoln was elected on Nov 6th 1860.
People in the South thought that with Lincoln in office that slavery would be abolshied. So Southren states began to sucede from the Union and formed the Confederate. The Confederate consisted of the states: South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Flordia, Alamaba, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, andTennessee.
Even though the Confederate was formed forts controlled by the union stayed controlled by the Union. The Confederatcy demanded that they released the forts of Union command and into the hands of the Confederates. The Union replied by not giving up the forts and the Confederates attacked.
One of the major reasons that Fort Sumter is the first battle in the civil war is where it was located. Fort Sumter was in the harbor in Charleston, South Carolina. South Carolina was strongest for sessicion and supported states rights the most. Also Fort Sumter was a important harbor for the south. In my opioion the reason that Fort Sumter is the first battle in the civil war is completely by luck.

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