Google at Your Own Pace:

You will go to a computer and follow the checklist to work through Google helplets and practice tasks at your own pace.
A ☑ on the checklist indicates a task to complete.
Each helplet will have a screen listing directions for how to do tasks. Pause the video on that screen to refer to the directions as you do the task.
Complete all steps.
Ask for help as needed.
You will want to keep two TABS open to switch between your Google Drive and the Helplets page.

Helplet #1 goes over a few Gmail features

Click here to go to video (6 1/2 min.)
☑ a. Follow the directions to forward your Gmail to Outlook email
☑ b. Compose a test message to your own Gmail and send it
☑ c. Create a label for each of your classes (You choose names of labels such as Green, Blue, 1st, 2nd)
Helplet #2 goes over how to create Contact groups. These will help you to easily Share Google Docs, email, and more with large groups of peers/students. You will want to front load the work of creating the groups because it will save you time in the long run.

Click here to go to video. (4 1/2 min.)
☑ a. Create a group for your team members
☑ b. Create a group for your department
☑ c. Create a group for one of your classes
Helplet #3 introduces Google Drive (your Drive in the cloud)
a. Click on Apps button then Drive
b. Explore the Drive. Click on the black links on left (My Drive, Shared with me, Starred, etc.)

Click here to go to video (5 min.)
☑ c. Change Upload Settings to check “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format” and “Confirm settings before each upload” - allows you to change format of items you upload into Google format. For example, a Word doc would become a Google Doc. If you do not make the Upload settings change, you would not be able to edit a document you upload into your Drive.
☑ d. Create a folder in My Drive called Google Training.
☑ e. Click “My Drive” to see the new folder in list. Click on “Shared with me” then Click/Drag the “MELS TRAINING Going Google” file into your new Google Training folder.
☑ f. Repeat the Click/Drag to move “MELS Google Training 1 Cheat Sheet”
file to your Google Training folder
Helplet #4 introduces Google Docs and Sharing Docs. This aspect of Going Google is how you can begin to “teach paperless.” You can share out project packets. Teams can do a Doc for conferences, rosters, etc. Everyone with whom you share, can have access and work on Docs at the same time.

Click here to go to video (3 min)
☑ a. Create a Google Doc, change the title to 1415-1st-Lastname Firstname-Test Doc (notice naming protocol: schoolyear-class-name-project name)
☑ b. Move this file/Doc to your Google Training folder
☑ c. Share this file/Doc with a neighbor
Helplet #5 Introduces Spreadsheets and Presentation/Slides. These are the equivalent of Excel and PowerPoint, but collaborative in that more than one person can work on the file at the same time, same as Docs.

Click here to go to video (2 min.)

Additional Sheets Basics
Additional Presentation/Slides Basics
☑ a. Go into Spreadsheets and play
☑ b. Go into Presentation/Slides and play
Helplet #6 Introduces Google Forms. Once you start working with these, you will wonder how you lived without them! Practice SBAC, surveys, check for understanding, quizzes, writing prompts...the possibilities are endless!

Click here to go to video (5 min.)
☑ a. Create a three question form
Helplet #7 Introduces Google Calendar. You have a default calendar already. Save this for your own private use. Create new calendars as you wish so you can share them out and still maintain a private calendar for yourself.

Click here to go to video (7 min., from another school, but goes over the basics)
☑ a. Create a new calendar to possibly use with your classes or a single class. Enter a descriptive name, check time zone. Leave Sharing settings alone for now unless you have experience with Google Calendar. Later, you can come back and either make it public or share with specific people.
☑ b. Try creating and deleting some events in your calendar to practice

Time left? Use the time to complete more tasks such as...
a. Go back and create Contact groups for all your classes and any other groups you think you might need (district level department members, other departments, other teams)
b. Create Folders in My Drive for each of your classes, color code the folders using drop down arrow next to folder name then “change color”
c. Work on the Google Calendar for your classes that you can later share with them for homework assignments, test dates, etc. Or, create a team calendar of team activity dates you can also later share to whole team.
d. Download the Google Drive app on your phone
e. Go to and explore!