The fREADmont CONNECTion explores connected themes or topics in reading to encourage creative inquiry and lifelong reading. Each fREADmont CONNECTion combination presents a choice of three books chosen to connect thematically with the Golden Sower Award Books this year. The program includes a swap option for students who want to read a book of their own choosing (within the theme) rather than reading one of the originals: swap out the book to make the connection.

Students may pick up fREADmont CONNECTion cards at the Media Center or use the information here.

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Art Heist
Golden Sower Nominee: Masterpiece by Elise Broach (F B78, AR level 4.8)
Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett (F B21; AR level 5.4)
Investigating a crime scene by Lorraine Jean Hopping (362.2 H77, AR level 6.8)

Civil War
Golden Sower Nominee: Gabriel's horses by Alison Hart (F H25, AR level 4.6)
Guerrilla season by Pat Hughes (F H87, AR level 3.8)
Abraham Lincoln: the life of America's sixteenth president by Gary Jeffrey and Kate Petty (921 L63 Graphic Books, AR level 5.5)

Golden Sower Award Nominee: Do not pass go by Kirkpatrick Hill (F H55, AR level 5.4)
Flush by Carl Hiaasen (F H52, AR Level 5.0)
Hard time: a real look at juvenile crime and violence by Janet Bode (364.3 B63, AR level 4.4)

Golden Sower Nominee: Emmy and the incredible shrinking rat by Lynne Jonell (F J69, AR level 4.7)
Rats by Paul Zindel (F Z6, AR level 5.4)
Oh, rats!: The story of rats and people by Albert Marrin (599.35 M34, AR level 6.2)

Baseball Cards
Golden Sower Nominee: Swindle by Gordon Korman (F K84; AR level 4.9)
Babe & me by Dan Gutman (F G98; AR level 4.3)
Heroes of baseball: the men who made it America's favorite game by Robert Lipsyte (796.357 L66; AR level 7.4)

Golden Sower Nominee: Swindle by Gordon Korman (F K84; AR level 4.9)
The puzzling world of Winston Breen by Eric Berlin (F B45; AR level 4.2)
The bone detectives: how forensics anthropologists solve crimes and uncover mysteries of the dead by Donna M. Jackson (363.2 J13; AR level 7.8)

Golden Sower Nominee: Stolen children by Peg Kehret (F K26; AR level 4.6)
The trial: a novel by Jennifer Bryant (F B84; AR level 6.1)
Trial: the inside story by Susan Kuklin (345.73 K95; AR level 6.5)

Powers of Bonds
Golden Sower Nominee: Savvy by Ingrid Law (F L41, AR level 6.5)
Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech (F C86, AR level 4.3)
Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson (811 W86, AR Level 4.7)

Golden Sower Nominee: Long sho​t by Mike Lupica (F L97, AR level 5.2)
Out of reach by V.M. Jones (F C72, AR level 5.2)
Soul surfer by Bethany Hamilton (921 H18, AR level 6.0)

Wild Horses
Golden Sower Nominee: Paint the wind by Pam Muñoz Ryan (F R95 , AR level 5.3)
Moonrunner by Mark Thomason (F T36, AR level 4.1)
Wild horses: galloping through time by Kelly Milner Halls (599.665 H15, AR level 8.2)

Golden Sower Nominee: Alcatraz versus the evil librarians by Brandon Sanderson (F Sa5, AR level 4.9)
The adventure of Hugo Cabret: a novel in words and pictures by Brians Selznick (F Se4, AR level 5.6)
Escape from Saigon: how a Vietnam War orphan became an American boy by Andrea Warren (959.705 W25, AR level 6.2)

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Revolutionary War
Golden Sower Nominee: Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson (F An2, AR level 4.9)
Woods runner by Gary Paulsen (F P28, AR level 5.5)
The brave women and children of the Revolutionary War by John Micklos, Jr. (973.3 M58, AR level 5.0)

Lost Children of Sudan
Golden Sower Nominee: Home of the brave by Katherine Applegate (F Ap5, AR level 3.5)
Year of no rain by Alice Mead (F M46, AR level 4.0)
One day we had to run!: refugee children tell their stories in words and paintings by Sybella Wilkes (362.8 W65, AR level 5.9)

Bravery during the Holocaust
Golden Sower Nominee: The boy who dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti (F B28, AR level 4.9)
The secret of Priest's Grotto: a Holocaust survival story by Peter Lane Taylor with Christos Nicola ( 940.53 T21, AR level 8.0)
Surviving Hitler: a boy in the Nazi death camps by Andrea Warren (940.53 W25, AR level 6.1)

Get the News Out!
Golden Sower Nominee: Peeled by Joan Bauer (F B32, AR level 4.2)
The last newspaper boy in America by Sue Corbett (F C81, AR level 5.4)
Ancient communication: from grunts to graffiti by Michael Woods and Mary B. Woods (302.2 W86, AR level 7.3)

Golden Sower Nominee: A thousand never evers by Shana Burg (F B91, AR level 5.1)
When I crossed No-Bob by Margaret McMullen ( F M22, AR level 5.0)
Getting away with murder: the true story of the Emmett Till case by Chris Crowe (364.15 C88, AR level 8.7)

I Will Survive!
Golden Sower Nominee: The hunger games by Suzanne Collins (F C69, AR level 5.3)
Life as we knew it by Susan Pfeffer (F P47, AR level 4.7)
How to survive in the wilderness by Time O'Shei (613.6 Os4, AR level 4.5)

Out of this World
Golden Sower Nominee: Go big or go home by Will Hobbs (F H65, AR level 4.7)
The dark side of nowhere: a novel by Neal Shusterman (F Sh9, AR level 5.8)
Destination asteroids, comets, meteors by Giles Sparrow (523.44 Sp2, AR level 6.6)

Contests of Mystery
Golden Sower Nominee: Steel Trapp: the challenge by Ridley Pearson (F P31, AR level 4.9)
Last shot: a Final Four mystery by John Feinstein (F F32, AR level 4.8)
Murder & mystery adapted by Shannon Lowry and Suzette Haden (741.5 L95 Graphic Book, AR level 3.5)

Making Life Better
Golden Sower Nominee: Artichoke's heart by Suzanne Supplee (F Su7, AR level 5.1)
Chicken boy by Frances O'Roark Dowell (F D75, AR level 5.1)
7 habits of highly effective teens: the ultimate teenage success guide by Sean Covey (155.5 C83, AR level --)

Secrets, Lies, and Made-up Lives
Golden Sower Nominee: Fakie by Tony Varrato (F V43, AR level 5.7)
Hush by Jacqueline Woodson (F W86, AR level 4.2)
Cartoon nation presents the FBI by Terry Collins (363.25 C69, Graphic Books; AR level 5.5)

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