Welcome to the Fabulous Fifties Web Quest
created by Ms. Farah
The end of World War II introduced a new era in just about every area of American Culture: The 50s decade was known for many things: conservatism, a baby boom, the Korean War, "fast-Food" restaurants and drive-ins, television and TV dinners, abstract art, Brown vs. The Board of Education, first credit cards, and drive-in-theaters.
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This activity will require you and your group to explore and report your findings about important cultural events that occurred during this decade.
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1. You will be assigned to a team of five students.
2. Your team will be given a specific area to research.
3. You will search the internet sites Mrs. Woods, our media specialist, and I have selected.
4. After gathering your information, you will present your findings to the class.
5. Your presentation will be in the form of:

  • Informative Essay-- (all team members contribute 1-2 pages)
  • Timeline-- depicting important events your team has researched -
    must include a minimum of five graphics and detailed explanations
    of each event.
  • Diorama-- depicting significant events
  • Brochure -- minimum of five graphics and explanations of
    important events
  • Newspaper -- minimum of five graphics and a minimum of five articles
    reporting the team's findings
  • Tri-fold Poster -- depicting and explaining significant events
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Team Assignments
Davy Crockett - Click image to download.
Davy Crockett - Click image to download.

Team A: Education, Science and Technology
Team B: Theater, Film, and Radio
Team C: Sports -- All areas
Team D: Fashion and Fads
Team E: Television

Team F: Politics and Government
Team G: Music and Literature

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  • Informative Essay Rubric
  • Specific Project Rubric
  • Individual Team Member Evaluation Rubric
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