Why was Fort Pulaski a strategic stronghold for the Confederacy?

After the war of 1812, President James Madison wanted to protect the coastal area of the United States, so he directed the creation of numerous forts.
Therefore, the construction of Fort Pulaski began in 1829, using external image PULASKI7b.JPG1 million dollars and 25 million bricks. It is located on Cockspur Island near the mouth of the Savannah River, blocking up river access to Savannah.Fort Pulaski is built on low, marshy, barely more than a reef that divides the Savannah River into a North and South Channel. It was called "The Peeper" by Georgia's first colonists because it would be covered by water twice a day during high tides. Forts like Pulaski were called third system forts, and were thought to be invincible until new technology of rifled artill
Fort Pulaski
Fort Pulaski
ery changed that as cannons and other weapons were used to bust through the walls of this “invincable” fort . The construction was completed in 1846. On January 3, 1861, when a band of Confederate soldiers occupied the fort, only two people were stationed there. It's position was ideal for defending the Savannah River.

On February 19, 1862, Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Sherman ordered Captain Quincy A. Gillmore, to take charge of the investment force and begin the bombardment and capture of the fort.

The battle of Fort Pulaski on April 1862 is known as the turning point in military history. Gillmore placed artillery on the mainland southeast of the fort and began the attempt to destroy the fort on April 10 after Colonel Charles H. Olmsteaexternal image fort-pulaski.jpgd refused to surrender the fort. Hours later, Gillmore’s rifled artillery had reached the southeast end of the fort, and he continued to exploit it. Some of his shells began to damage the shielding in the northwest bastion. Realizing that if the magazine exploded, the fort would be seriously damaged and the garrison would suffer severe deaths, Olmstead surrendered after 2:00 pm on April 11.