1. Task Definition What do I have to find out?

Research Question: Supporting information

2. Information Seeking Strategies Where do I find the information?

Brainstorm possible databases, Internet search indexes, and books that would be useful in answering the research question. What are possible sources? Which might be the best choices?

3. Location and Access How do I find the information?

Possible Keywords for your search

4. Use of Information Take notes as you go in order to create your required assessment. Follow your teachers guidelines for how to take notes.

5. Synthesis - Bring it all together If you are working on an entry in Teasleypedia, you will follow the template directions. The Writing Process 1. Prewrite 2. Compose 3. Evaluate 4. Revise 5. Edit 6. Publish

6. Evaluation: Did I do what I was supposed to do?

Judge your work. Is what I created answering the question from step 1? Did I give credit to my sources? Is my work neat? Did I proofread my work? Could I have done something differently? Do I need to add more information?